Recurring cleaning services

If you're looking for recurring cleaning service? Well, you've come to the right place. We may require a Deep Initial cleaning before your maintaining services start.


Listed below are our recurring schedules cycles: House Cleaning and Office Cleaning

Our goal with our recurring cleaning services is to keep your home and or office maintained following the initial cleaning. Like weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services typically may include the tasks below, per schedule.

Throughout the House or Office

  • Dust all flat surface areas, your knick-knacks, all wall hangings, stair railings, lights fixtures, and lamp shades

  • Spot wash clean fronts of doors & cabinets

  • Polish shine mirrors

  • Vacuum upholstery/wet wipe leather (varies by home or office)

  • Vacuum carpet floor & rugs

  • Clean, sanitize or shine hard floor surfaces

  • Clean glass front door

  • Remove trash, replace liner


  • Scrub, sanitize and shine showers, shower head, tubs, sinks, counters, commodes

  • Clean and shine glass shower doors and scrub clean shower tracks

  • Faucet drains, and shower heads detailing with a toothbrush

  • Wipe clean shower racks and all bottles, clean soap dishes

  • Polish shine mirrors and faucets, any stainless steel


  • Clean and shine outside of all appliances, includes the inside of microwave only.

  • Clean window sell and glass over the sink.

  • Clean drip pans and grates or scrub glass stove top, with scraping as needed.

  • Clean and sanitize solid surface countertops by moving and wiping under all items, unless an excessive number of items.

  • Clean and polish shine sinks, drains, faucets, wipe clean soap dispensers, or clean soap dishes.

  • Drains, and garbage disposal gaskets and screen detailing with a toothbrush.

  • Hand-wipe all kitchen furniture including high-chairs and table.


Rotation 1: Higher dust and cobweb areas (We can climb up to 9 feet high, including ceiling fans, lights, fixtures, top of fridge, etc.) With our extended poles, we can reach those hard to get areas.

Rotation 2: Dust plantations shutters, wooden blinds, and window treatments. However, we do not handle any metal blinds.

Rotation 3: Low dust/baseboards areas (kitchens, baths, and stairways are dusted every visit.)


Note: Extra time will be needed once or twice a year to hand washing the baseboards, woodwork, doors, cupboards, blinds, and things on top of cabinets, etc. While we spot clean some of those areas routinely, they'll still require a thorough cleaning at least annually, and some facilities, especially those with children and pets, will need those tasks performed more frequently. [Additional pricing for these types of services.]

Monthly Service

Our monthly services are on an every-other fourth-week cycle. We do not schedule monthly, any other way.

Custom Cleaning Services

We are locally owned and operated in North Carolina; we customize our services to suit your properties needs.

Do you want kitchen and bathrooms only, or some other combination? Let us know…we’re adjustable!

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