Covid19 disinfecting and requirement from CDC/EPA and NCDHHS

We know are Ws; Wear, Wait, and Wash.

We take this virus very seriously!

Keeping this business, our staff members, and yes, our client's and vendor's health is our number one goal. However, with a virus, is there's a 100% guarantee, No! Because once it's airborne, we have no control, we can only take precautions from spreading to others.

Before our day starts, we are checking everyone's temperature, listing symptoms, and signing waivers. Sanitizing equipment, disinfecting rags, stocking masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers for all vehicles and all staff members. Using certified N95 masks and a high percentage of sanitising solutions.

And with all these precautions and prepping, we still can not guarantee 100% that we can not transfer the virus to any client, staff member, vendor, or consumer.

It has come to our attention, that working with these N95 masks and heavy gloves, our staff members are having a hard time breathing which is another health concern with us. And efficiently services personal items without damaging them by dropping them because we can not fill anything through the gloves. So we have implemented a request by the client, for us to use in or around their property.

We rarely get sick but we are human so we do get sick or attacked by allergies masking as a sickness. It's a big inconvenience for all involved. So please communicate with us on how you want us to proceed in your location.

Safety for all involved! Right? Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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