What is the number one thing I should know about American Maids of North Carolina?

The number one thing about our company is COMMUNICATION or lack thereof will break our relationship.

Communication is the most important thing for any relationship including ours. Our service staff understands we must earn your trust during every visit. It's why we're so trustworthy, flexible, offering customized cleaning service plans designed with your needs in mind.

Offering no contracts means no hassle but we do offer contracts to lower the cost not the quality of the service. Because establishing this open communication and being reliable ensures your satisfaction as a long-term clients.

With American Maids of North Carolina there's no complaints there are only concerns. We take every concern seriously, and is handled every time, yes, every concern.

It will be the client’s responsibilities to review all updates to our service agreement online. It's updated periodically.


Which we will provide access to our secure website.

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