Our to-do list: One-time and Initial cleaning with recurring services

Our One-time and Initial cleaning with recurring service are the best North Carolina has to offer guaranteed, 5-stars since 1999. We may require an initial cleaning in order to start your recurring services. Our recurring service frequency can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly, annually is our one-time cleaning prices. Our initial cleaning is a thorough in-depth deep dust clean to get your home or office to the level of cleanliness we desire so we can easily and efficiently maintain our standard of cleanliness on recurring bases.


These are our standard tasks; we tackle, when we clean your home during an one-time and initial cleaning: No our recurring services are not rotation cleaning.

  • Dust High to Low, remove cobwebs

  • Wash window ledges, and dust blinds

  • Dust baseboards and dust chair rails

  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans

  • Clean and shine glass on entrance, exiting doors

  • Clean exterior of appliances

  • Clean kitchen table and counters

  • Clean and shine mirrors and glass, & chrome

  • Clean inside & under microwave ovens

  • Spot clean walls, fingerprints, & light switch covers

  • Sanitize kitchen and bathrooms; disinfect toilet

  • Vacuum upholstered* furniture, carpet and floors

  • Empty wastebaskets and remove trash

  • Furniture polish and dry dust decorative items

  • Remake beds linens or change them out*

  • Mop hard floor surfaces

  • Sanitize sinks & faucets

  • Pick-up and straighten*

  • Covid19 disinfectant requirement by the CDC/EPA and the NCDHHS. ​

Additional items can be added to an services we handle.

  • Clean light fixtures or ceiling fans: Dust, Wash, or Replace.

  • Clean sliding doors: Glass, Trim, Tract, Blinds, or Screens.

  • Wash wastebaskets/Trash-cans: Small, Middle, Large, or Extra Large.

  • Wash fake plants: Small, Middle, Large, or Extra Large.

  • Change Linens: Remake or Change out.

  • Washing Baseboards: Kitchen, Bathrooms, or Others areas.

  • Window washing: Glass, Trim, Tract, Blinds, or Screens.

  • Carpet cleaning: Spot, Pets, or Protection.

  • Clothes: Washing, Drying, Folding, or Putting Away.

  • Dishes: Washing, Loading, or Putting Away.

  • Pressure Wash Small Jobs: Tables, Chairs, Fences, Decks, Patios, Concrete. [Driveways can not be handle at this time it's to large of a job for our system.]

*Under normal conditions. Change linens included one-time on Initial clean, however it can be schedule for an additional charge on your recurring service for an additional fee.

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