What is proof of disability documentation?

The following is a list of some examples of documents agencies may accept as proof of intellectual disability, severe physical disability or psychiatric disability. 

Ultimately, it is the agency's choice of what type(s) of documentation will be acceptable:

  • Statements or letters on a physician's/medical professional's letterhead stationary.

  • Statements, records or letters from a Federal Government agency that issues or provides disability benefits.

  • Statements, records or letters from a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency counselor.

  • Certification from a private Vocational Rehabilitation or other Counselor that issues or provides disability benefits.

  • Copy of an SSA check with the client's name.

  • SSA identification.

  • Valid DMV Handicap windshield card.

  • A Schedule R.

As the regulation is implemented and used by agencies, this list may grow to include other types of certification. AMNCLLC will issue additional guidance to agencies on what constitutes "appropriate documentation" on an "as needed" basis.

As of now, we will use any one of these documents and must be signed but the DMV card. However, it must be valid.

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