Family with a baby on the way, need a place to live in Davidson, NC!

Our Town of Davidson Community:

We have a family of five in need of help, paying their mortgage. Why? Because the Lord tells us too

So, can you help this family? 

If not; that okay, you don't have too.

God bless!

Giving back to others in the community




Stay tuned as we expand our product offerings to include refurbished items that are in amazing used condition. We intend to donate the proceeds of these sales to disadvantaged and senior citizens clients who are in need of our cleaning services but just can't afford it all them self.


We try our best never to say, "NO" to anyone that needs a professional cleaning. You see all items are donated directly from client's and people in the community then we distribute items to community centers, the kidney foundation, and needed families throughout our business communities. 


How to request a pick-up? Requirement: Must be in good re-usable condition. Trash will be billable. 


We first try to find families in the area that the item was donated from, if no need is found then we give to the county community center's and or shelters.


Do you have items you want to donate or do you want to donate cash money?


There's always someone in need of help! That's why we do...HELP!


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Looking for contractors!

Our families! 

There was a time in my life when I was the one needing help. That's why I give back. A little money goes a long way right? We have several families desperately needing a cleaning service for several reasons. Families due to their disabilities, injuries received, or maybe they're on a fixed income and can't afford the full price. But the need is there; so thank you for donating to your community, today!

2017 New Families Submitted: 5 

Last donation amount received: $400.00

Money and labor time donated by AMNCLLC: 

$105,574.25 as of 08/18/2018

American Maids of NC, LLC try's our best to never turn away local people in need of cleaning services just because they can't afford our prices. So on behalf of these clients receiving your donations; Thank you for all your support and money.

Current Active/Inactive Clients:


2018 Monthly $95.00: Mrs. D... is a permanently disabled woman living in Charlotte, NC and we gave a percentage off on their cleanings. She pays $65.00 and your help pays $30.00.

2018 One-time $183.00: Mrs. R... is a temporarily disabled woman living in Charlotte, NC and we gave a percentage off on their cleanings. She pays $100.00 and your help pays $83.00.


2017 No qualifying clients...


2016 No qualifying clients... 

2015 Biweekly $206.00: Mr. D... is a disabled woman and a retired veteran man living in Concord, NC and we gave a percentage off on their cleanings. He pays $151.00 and your help pays $55.00.


2015 Quarterly $225.00: Ms. F... is a disabled woman living in Kannapolis, NC and she's needing help paying some of her cleanings. She pays $175.00 and your help pays $50.00.


2010 Weekly $105.00: Mr. D... is a disabled veteran man living in Cornelius, NC and he's needing help paying the full amount of his cleaning. He pays $0.00 and your help pays $105.00.


2008 Biweekly $85.00: Mr. M... is a disabled elderly man living in Huntersville, NC and he's in need of help paying for his services. He pays $70.00 and your help will pay $10.00.


2007 Biweekly $85.00: Ms. M... is elder women and legally blind living in Charlotte, NC which is needing help paying for her services. She pays $60.00 and your help will pay $25.00.


2006 prior information has been deleted from the site.