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Due to the increased cost of operation because of Covid19 this amount may or may not be affected by an economic increase in human resources, physical capital, natural resources, and technological resources have all increased to our bottom line.


We are forced to increase our agreements throughout our endeavors. In the next months or so, we will notify all that are affected by this increase. 


Please understand this is a necessary increase, we must make a profit to stay operational. 


Offices of Management


2023 Economical Increase

Why increase?

We really do understand that this may be an increase that you're not looking forward to. 

It's not one of ours but for us to continue in business and provide all our clients with the highest quality service they've received, we must use quality products, materials, and equipment, and with continuing education resources for new surfaces, new products, new equipment, that are used by contractors or created by developers, we must increase our minimum levels. It has been since 03/05/2015 since our last increase happened.

2023 Increase notification

Economical Increase

Management Notes

We all here at American Maids of North Carolina understand how you feeling right now, knowing one doesn't want to pay more than what they were paying but it is necessary for us to stay in business.

All these increased amounts supplement the payments for the expense of items bought and the processing of incomes.

I lost my husband, Michael Pryor on 02/27/2022 due to Covid, so all clients are required to let us know if you have or someone you've been around has had or has covid any variance.

Management Notes

Payment Increase

Yes, we charge 5% for using any kind of payment processed through our accounting system.

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