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Gift Certificate/Cash Gifts

Our gift certificates and cash gifts are processed through PayPal and range from $5 to $3500.

[Yes, you can change the total amount from $125.00, if you're processing lower than that amount.]

Note: Our Minimum cleaning for one-time cleaning is $125.00 for residential and $250.00 for business.

In the personalized message area list the recipient's personal information like address, contact number, email address if you're purchasing a gift certificate for a friend for service rendered and or cash gift* to each team member that cleans for you.

*Cash gifts are taxable per recipient and must be processed separately per recipient or technicians, not per team.

Team 0:

Diana Pryor

Team 1:

Davis Pryor

Team 2:

Brandon Pryor

Beverly Pryor

Dylan Pope

Team 3:

Christy Dellinger

Joel Dellinger

I lost my husband, Michael Pryor on 02/27/2022 due to Covid, so all clients are required to let us know if you have or someone you've been around has had or has covid any variance.

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